Mission Statement


   AIAI is committed to promoting the benefits of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in the general community and in mainstream healthcare agencies.


   The purpose of AIAI is to prepare students for a professional career as licensed acupuncturists able to provide quality care to patients seeking complementary health care.


AIAI seeks to fulfill its mission and purpose by committing its institutional resources to the following goals:

a. offering a comprehensive three-year, masters-level program that combines the theories and methods of traditional Chinese medicine and Western bioscience, with students receiving a quality education and personal attention from qualified instructors;

b. operating a teaching clinic where (1) students will develop practical skills under the supervision of licensed, experienced practitioners, and (2) the general public can receive affordable treatment

c. Fostering public awareness of acupuncture through lectures and demonstrations presented at local colleges, area hospitals, community organizations, and at the Institute by faculty members and students.